Shrimp and Citrus Salad with Samphire


Raw shrimps – 12 units
Oranges – 2 units
Grapefruit 1 unit
Lemon 1 unit
Garlic cloves 3 unit
White wine 30 ml
Olive oil
Black pepper
Chopped fresh samphire 3 tablespoons
Arugula 3 cups
Chopped walnuts to serve


Sunflower oil 90 g
Olive Oil 30 g
Raw Egg 1 unit
Mustard 1 coffee spoon
Freshly ground black pepper
Minced Fresh Samphire: 2 tablespoons + a little more to serve


Drizzle the shrimps with lemon juice. Add the samphire in a mortar and crush it, in order to extract the salty flavors.

In a non-stick frying pan, add a good amount of olive oil and chopped garlic. As soon as they begin to pop and gain a little color, add the shrimps, paprika and samphire, along with the salty juice that have remained in the mortar. Let it cook for a little bit and refresh with the white wine. Season with freshly ground black pepper and cook until the shirimps are au point.

Taste to see if is needed more samphire and seasoning. Remove from the heat, let it cool and then store in the cold until the salad is set.

To make mayonnaise, start by grinding the samphire in the mortar. Place the egg, oil, olive oil, mustard, black pepper and crushed samphire in the magic wand cup, together with the juices that have remained in the mortar.

Place the magic wand in the bottom of the cup and slowly emulsify from bottom to top, repeating the movement until the mayonnaise is uniform and at the desired point. Confirm the salt quantity and, if necessary, add a little more samphire or sea salt.

Before assembling the salad, peel the grapefruit and the oranges and cut in pieces, discarding the skins. To serve, put the shrimps in a bowl with the orange and grapefruit slices, and pour over the sauce left over from the shrimps. Spread a few leaves of arugula and walnuts and serve with the mayonnaise to the side, sprinkled with a little samphire.

Source: Sapo Lyfestyle.


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